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How Xira TMS ERP Help You To Manage GST E-Way Bills For Your Transportation Business?

E-Way Bills are expected to help establish a unified benchmark for enterprises when they move goods from one state to the other or within a state. According to GST regulations, it is mandatory for transporters to carry E-Way Bills when transporting goods amounting to more than Rs. 50,000 within a state or between two states. Transporters on the other hand ought to carry a copy of E-Way Bill and invoice as evidence under the new GST law.

Let us look at few ways the right ERP software can simplify E-Way Bill management:


The software would help you to record your transactions and export the same to generate E-Way Bills at the click of button. It would also generate E-Way Bills for transactions you have entered into the portal earlier. No need to record details again and again and it is time saving also, as it will allow you to easily switch between systems i.e. from the GST E-Way Bill portal to the software and vice versa.

Xira ERP system renders you the much-needed flexibility here when it comes to generating E-Way Bills anytime. It lets you to generate single E-Way or multiple bills at the click of a button by grouping a particular set of invoices.

No need to re-enter details

Details required for recording a transaction and subsequently generating an invoice are needed to generate corresponding E-Way Bills as well. There’s no point in spending time and efforts in entering all these details again and again in the E-Way Bill portal. Xira ERP software helps you skip this inconvenient and time-consuming repetitive task.

GST compliance

The software lets you track all the invoices effortlessly and helping you identifies invoices that require for generating E-Way Bills.

Print invoices at the click of button

GST-enabled software will let you print E-Way Bill numbers on the invoices in a faster and efficient way. And no need to manage or store this data in files because all data is store in your system for easy access.

If you are searching for software that will do all the tasks for you, you have reached the right page, as Xira TMS ERP helps you with all things E-Way bills generation. Xira ERP solution helps you to manage E-Way Bills in an efficient manner and also help you to save time and costs.

To know how Xira ERP can simplify GST E-Way Bills for you, contact us here. Xira ERP has been developing and implementing industry-grade enterprise resource planning solutions for businesses of diverse sizes and verticals. Send us a mail at support@xiraerp.com for free demo and consultation.