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The Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector which also referred as FMCG sector. ERP for FMCG Sector will advocates smooth flow of data between all steps of the production cycle with modules for Plant Maintenance, Supply Chain, Distributions, Manufacturing, and Financials.

Transparency and flexibility of ERP:

The ERP systems for FMCG are now flexible and very modularized. there are modules for Plant Maintenance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Financials. Within each of these modules, there are submodules such as purchasing, inventory management, promotions, inbound logistics management, deals, and prices.

Supply Chain Collaboration:

Collaboration is not just information sharing, it is doing what you do now in terms of interacting with your internal and external suppliers, just faster and better. Collaboration only works when the ERP system is properly


  • ERP for FMCG provides a hawk-eye view of the business that encompasses all functions and departments.

  • It provides a unified database where all the business transactions are entered, recorded, processed, monitored and reported.

  • Eliminates likelihood of errors caused by human intervention.

  • It offers one central database with no duplication of data.

  • Gets you company-wide reports of all the functions.

  • Helps you avoid product stock-outs.

  • Simple and easy to use TDS module.

  • Data of all stores and warehouses can be consolidated easily over the internet.

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