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Everything comes in a package. So, high demand can keep manufacturers in your industry busy. At the same time, today’s consumers expect less packaging waste and sustainable practices, which means you need to get creative if you want to compete.

Packing materials are always changing, so you need flexible management tools that can adapt to your growing business. Unlike entry-level accounting software, Xira’s packaging manufacturing software is built to solve challenges across your entire manufacturing operation.

Discover how packaging manufacturing software from Xira ERP empowers your team to effectively manage areas like quality control, purchasing, inventory management, shop floor operations, sales, financials and more.

Supply Chain and Materials Management:

Reduce waste with Xira’s Materials Requirements Planning (MRP. Manage purchasing and blanket purchase orders and releases to facilitate call-offs with suppliers. Ensure accuracy with conversions across multiple units of measure.

Speed Production and Delivery:

Gain control over scrap, yield and rework metrics. Improve inventory forecasting and reduce warehouse costs with a full lot and serial traceability. Deliver faster for improved customer satisfaction.

Enable Strategic Financial Planning:

Streamline purchase orders, general ledger, cash and asset management. Improve visibility into buying and supplier trends, with built-in business analytics reporting to facilitate Value Stream Analysis. Support multiple currencies and sites with ease.

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