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Xira ERP Enterprise has a next level BOM that can record all the materials required no matter how trivial to the process. You can make various production order types, issue goods and keep a track of the finished goods and by-products. Practice efficient production planning to streamline your processes and reduce wastage with Xira ERP. You can control costs, monitor processes, create resource groups and maintain multiple production locations for your business.


  • Supports batch, discrete, made to order and made to stock types of production

  • Multi-level bill of materials

  • Multiple BOM variants supported

  • Enables process routing

  • Formulation of production plans

  • Material requirement planning based on the sales order and production plan

  • Production orders generated on the basis of BOM and process routing

  • Manual, Forward and Backward scheduling of production based on process routing

  • The issue of raw materials and packing materials against orders

  • Finished goods receipt against the production orders

  • By-product and scrap tracking during production

  • Production costing methods

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