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Generally, tasks include start & due dates, time allocations, assigned staff, status, files, messages and more. With all these in place at Project's Task Management tool, you and your staff can quickly create new jobs, identify pending jobs, prioritize & allocate tasks among team members and importantly keep the complete track on the progress of work. It includes.

  • Super-fast job allocation and intelligent reporting

  • Receive updates on tasks, be notified when assigned with a new task

  • Convenient and intuitive interface providing a superior user experience.

  • Highlights overdue jobs so they can be dealt with immediately.

  • Provides a visual indicator of job status.

  • Tracks all costs against a project or task


  • Your entire team knows what tasks they need to finish, the deadlines for each task and which team member is assigned to which task.

  • Plan your task allocation based on the workload of the team members and assess, if you have the capacity to accept the new project.

  • Organize your office by planning tasks for the entire year, cutting down on last-minute surprises or unnecessary complications.

  • Timely notifications, reminders, and alerts of assigned tasks, never let you forget project deadlines, making you tension-free.p>

  • Generates cost analysis report on a single mouse click for scrutinizing cost incurred on various project or tasks.

  • Get detailed analysis of tasks performed by each member of the organization for performance appraisals.


  • Create, prioritize, assign, organize and execute tasks with ease.

  • Track time and progress through the project life-cycle.

  • Set up recurring tasks that repeat on regular schedules.

  • Complete drill-down through the job details.

  • Default resource allocation for a client for auto assignment of a job.

  • Break a job into multiple tasks and assign to different team members.

  • Calendar view for an accurate view of upcoming deadlines.

  • Role-based & client based access user rights.

  • Email notification on an assignment of a job, change of job, etc.

  • Automated alerts to keep the team on track and managers informed.

  • Secured document storage, accessible at the project or task level.

  • Tracking of the cost incurred against a project or task.

  • Export of reports into a CSV or XLS format

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