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Task Management

Xira Erp ensures resource visibility & project security account for every penny spent know the profit gains or dips. Office automation software module will make office environment a smart place to work by integrating all office functions under one software. This will help to make-work flow of an office easier.

Xira Erp will make all office procedures faster smoother and will reduce the expense for managing an office. This is completely a desktop basedapplication, which gives you confidence to run your business from anywhere.

With our ERP you can manage your staffs, projects, meetings, documents, holidays and more. This will reduce operation time and work handling timing.Our software is very much useful for information storage. This will help in storing office records like forums, important documents, applications, images bills etc.

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Key Features for Task Management

  • Account Management
  • HR Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Employee Management
  • Facility Management
  • Telecommunication Management
  • Client Management
  • Project Management
  • Document Management