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Q. What is ERP?

ERP stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning". The definition of enterprise resource planning is an integrated software solution used to manage a company's resources. ERP systems integrate all business management functions, including planning, inventory/materials management, engineering, order processing, manufacturing, purchasing, accounting and finance, human resources, and more.

Q. What are the benefits of an ERP System?

The benefits derived from ERP can far outweigh the costs of the system, providing that the system is selected carefully and is appropriate for your company from a feature, cost, and technology standpoint. Some of the benefits realized areAn ERP system provides the solid operational backbone manufacturers and distributors need to improve the volume of production and fulfillment of orders while reducing costs. By optimizing your manufacturing and distribution operations with ERP, you'll also be able to focus on new business opportunities

Q. What technology used in XiraERP development?

XiraERP is developed mainly in dot.net. The dot net application runs faster and is highly secured and cost effective. It also leverages the Server/Client, allowing you to work on any technology, be it LAN, WAN, Internet or Intranet.

Q. Is the system scalable? Can we add new users at a later date?

XiraERP is scalable completely; in all terms, whether it is database, licensed user or features. XiraERP uses Microsoft SQL Server, which can house many terabytes of data. So no matter how much your inputs grow, XiraERP is capable to scale without changing the database. The number of users who can log-on to the system at any one time is however, limited by the number of concurrent user licenses you have purchased. Additional user licenses can be purchased at any time.

Q. We have limited IT resources - will we need to hire a full time IT person?

The XiraERP system is ideal for organizations with limited IT resources. We have many features to reduce system administration efforts including Auto Update, Auto Backup and Auto Database Maintenance. In addition XiraERP offers remote administration where we can provide support from our offices. Once the system is set-up and installed, it the only routine maintenance and system administration required is adding new users or changing user security profiles.

Q. Will Exactlly provide ERP training to my employees?

Yes, as a mandatory step in the implementation methodology, Exactlly provides training to your employees. If a trained employee leaves you, and you hire a new person, we can even train your new employee and educate him how to use the system effectively for your business objectives. At Exactlly we have also developed Training Videos where functionality and modules are explained in details, such videos are very well accepted and appreciated by our existing users.

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