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Xira TMS

Efficient management of transportation plays a major role in determining the success rate of an organization’s distribution system. Adoption of automated solutions facilitates optimization of functional activities thereby expanding their line of operations and adding value to their supply chain. Often, the deployment of transportation management software systems or TMS systems is a great aid in reducing overall hard and soft transportation costs.

Party Management

In transport system, a lot of customer details need to be managed in order to make sure all the details are at their right place. This module will help to manage and monitor all the customer details.


We support real time, data driven decision making with the reporting module in our software. This modules helps you get all the reports right from the party details , vehicle hired, ledger, statement, commission and the payment record to easy your transport process.

Challan Management

It becomes very difficult to maintain thousands of transactions and challan manually. With effective record of the challan into the system, lots of work load and human labor is reduced. Challan management module will help you be clear and precise in work.

Freight Invoice

Freight is an important part in the transportation. To maintain all the details of the lorry, it requires maintaining all the aspects of the goods to be transported. These modules offer to manage all the details of the lorry effectively.

Vehicle Tracker

Third-party and GPS software are implemented to enable instantaneous vehicle tracking, and recovery service platforms are programmed in case of theft or misuse. Vehicle tracker helps keeping record of the status of the delivery of the goods to their destination.

Fleet Management

Our fleet management solutions provide fleet management dashboards with various features, and automate maintenance notifications.

POD Management

POD modules helps you keep record of the overall charges that takes place during the transportation of goods from its destination. This module will help the user to know the details of the pending and generated PODs.


We help you to easily maintain the lorry record used in transportation, be it an owned one or hired one. Now maintain the record of the amount involved in the transactions in details without any worry thus reducing your stress to remember the expenses involved in transportation.

Manage Account

Payment regarding operations are managed with various voucher, money receipts and bill management. Lorry hire voucher, general voucher, goods freight voucher, purchase voucher etc manages various expenses.